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Valupay WEB REPORTS allows reports to be streamed back to any requesting client application across the internet.

This is especially useful in extending existing websites to include custom reporting and document access.

This capability can be incoporated into virtually any client. All that is required is forming a standard http request and handling the returned stream/file.

The format of each report is defined using Valupay’s own Report Builder design tools.




A REST API is a collection of functions that can be called by applications across the web using standard URL calls. Web apps can pull data, alter data, insert new data objects and initiate processing that takes place on the remote server.


The purpose of our REST API is to enable custom Web Applications to implement ValuPay functionality in a piecemeal fashion. This is extensibility at its very extreme. If this seems a bit opaque, take a few moments and research the underlying concepts of REST APIs.


ClearCycle has developed a host of standard REST endpoints that allow custom access to all the data and capabilities of ValuPay and UCDS functionality. If a web server (IIS or Apache) is given restriced access to the Valupay Database then there virtually any sort of code or device that may be used to control the Valupay system (that uses HTTP requests).

For more details on WEB API Extensions, please contact sales@clearcycle.com


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