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ClearCycle’s ValuPay System (ValuPay™) is a comprehensive payment disbursement system that works in conjunction with any data-centric system. It accepts payment data from all lines of business, across all platforms, business entities, and computing environments. More than a simple payment system, ValuPay has special modules to take advantage of cash flow controls based on user-defined business rules. Today’s rapidly changing, and highly competitive business environment makes managing disbursements and treasury controls even more difficult. ClearCycle empowers its 

customers with highly-effective tools that execute demanding payment operations in a secure and cash flow optimizing way. Focused towards the Corporate, Commercial and Healthcare business, ValuPay is a powerful database driven application giving management the ability to orchestrate all payment functions across the enterprise to effectively meet its objectives. It incorporates the ability to process all types of payments (i.e. vendor payments, payroll, exception checks, claims payment, Broker commission, etc.) using traditional paper and electronic methods. This richly featured software system written for Windows provides comprehensive on-demand information, security delegation, rapid integration, and custom form design, along with other innovations making ValuPay the best solution for today and a bridge to the future.

ValuPay’s capabilities go beyond simply being a payment engine. ValuPay has the ability to be a secure forms manager/creator as well. With its ability to universally accept data from virtually any source, ValuPay can be used to design and then print/e-mail whatever required business documents.


Our customers enjoy up to 521% return on investment

6 Months

Our product ensures a payback period of 6 months or less


Our customers experience 40% reduction in print fulfillment cost


  • Financial Control Over Disbursement Processing
  • An Enterprise Disbursement System that Handles All  Upstream Processing Platforms
  • Regulatory/Contract Compliance (payment rules, interest, surcharge)
  • Payment Cost Reduction (aggregation, EFT, adjustment automation)
  • Cash Flow Improvement (larger investment pool)
  • Better Output Information (paper, electronic, and web-based)
  • Extensive Data Management and Reporting Tools
  • Document Design Flexibility
  • Ease of Installation and Support Maintenance
  • Rapid Response to Disbursement Requirements (at a fraction of their previous cost of internal IT development)

The ValuPay Data Mapper gives the user universal data acceptance. This allows ValuPay to interface with any ERP solution, any accounting software package, or any other data source. This capability truly defines why we are the total disbursement solution. Multiple data streams can be centrally controlled by ValuPay, with the ability to disburse remotely, either in another department or other location, anywhere in the world.

The Electronics Module of ValuPay enables the user to circumvent traditional printed checks and make payments electronically as well as deliver remittance information either electronically (e-mail) or by paper. One such application of this is payroll. A company can execute payroll via direct deposit and employees will receive an e-mail immediately notifying them of this transaction or a printed remittance form. Also, suppliers can be paid electronically, and the transaction data can be provided through financial EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transmission.


ValuPay is a scalable product. It can be installed as a simple stand-alone system on one computer or it can be installed as a client server application with multiple clients to be used in a LAN/WAN environment. ValuPay can be used with Interbase, SQL, or Oracle databases depending upon the volume of payments made by the user.

ValuPay is currently being used to produce check payments in over 24 languages/dialects using local currencies and meeting all local banking specifications.


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