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The UCDS Technology is a comprehensive financial solution for managing financial transactions as a centralized payment platform for all disbursements. Today it is used by large and mid-size blue chip healthcare and property & casualty payers to process over $365 Billion in payments. Over 65M privately insured Americans are serviced by companies using UCDS Technology. UCDS (Universal Claims Disbursement Systems) is the healthcare industry leader in complex payment solutions. WebUCDS compliments UCDS for greater transparency and accessibility of disbursement information.


Our systems process over $1 Billion in Health Insurance claims each day


Our customers experiences 40% reduction in print fulfillment cost


Complete regulatory compliance through automated audit of state and federal regulation
Features that let you focus on what matters most
  • Enterprise output system with strong Financial Backbone
  • Normalizes all payment transactions from multiple claims systems, broker systems, etc.
  • Reduce Mailing and Check issuance costs by 40%
  • Full automation of all types of payment adjustments (pre & post-payment)
  • Enable precise payment scheduling to ensure compliance and great customer service
  • Systematically recovers overpaid claims – 50-state regulatory compliance
  • Handles CDH & ASO (cost plus); billing, funds fetch, customer reporting, stop loss control
    Integrates and supports all sub-systems (i.e. EFT, G/L, reconciliation, 1099, escheat, etc.)
  • Ensures regulatory compliance (payment rules, interest, surcharge/tax, etc.)
  • Highly effective treasury control capabilities
  • Extensive financial reporting and payment analytics
  • Audit tools and reports support SOX & other internal control requirements

Better Output Processing

  • Improves communication to members and providers
  • Higher remittance information quality & lower payment cost (40%+)
  • Extensive EFT/835 payment capabilities that increase electronic commerce
  • Optimizes traditional paper output, better information that improves provider support
  • Online bank integration automating the way positive pay, stop pays, ACH initiation, EFT, lock box, etc.
  • Online CIHP (consumer initiated healthcare payments)
  • Reduces delivery error issues, supports automated reissue & other handling improvements
  • Enables “prospective” auditing to detect overpayment (post adjudication but before payment)
  • Manages and reports all claims disbursement transactional activity
  • Retains all paid claims information at the line item level, allowing real time access/query for customer service, web/online provider & subscriber lookup, payment analytics, post payment audits, proof of contract/regulatory compliance, support pay for performance and internal/external audit



Benefits provided by UCDS include 

  • Seamless connectivity to existing adjudication systems
  • Universal (multi-system) claims payment processing
  • Combining of claims remittance detail (EOB’s) for payment to a common recipient
  • On-line inquiry of claims status (service, receipt, adjudication, and scheduled payments)
  • Consistent claims payment according to management objectives
  • Claims Timing Reports (by line of business or unit detail)
  • Extensive reporting facility including exception and balancing
  • Reduced cost of paying claims
  • Maximum postage discounts and improved finishing equipment productivity
  • Extensive system controls, features, and operational flexibility
  • Elimination of inadvertent duplicate check run
  • Print calendar controls integrated to claim payment timing
  • Handles ASO and other cost plus billing and support self-funded plans with a stop loss.
  • Handles Consumer Driven Products’ (HRA, FSA & HSA) claim payments – universally supporting administrators and banking partners
  • Discretely manages all claims Overpayment Recoveries
  • Improves customer service with better on-line or web inquiry of claims pending or paid
  • Supports regulatory compliance
  • Cost/benefit optimization of cash flow vs. cost and service objectives
  • The increased pool of investment funds

Top Ten why our customers like UCDS:

  • Financial Control Over Disbursement Processing
  • An Enterprise Disbursement System That Handles All Upstream Processing Platforms
  • Regulatory/Contract Compliance & Audit Controls
  • Payment Cost Reduction (aggregation, EFT, adjustment automation)
  • Cash Flow Improvement (larger investment pool)
  • Better Output Information (provider remittance advise & subscriber explanation of benefits)
  • Over Payment Recovery (within 50-state fair payment rules)
  • ASO / CDH Automation
  • Expand EFT Processing
  • Rapid Response To Disbursement Requirements (at a fraction of their previous cost of internal IT development)


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