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Other Industries

ClearCycle’s ValuPay product is serving other industries such as Retail, Logistics and Telecom  in –

  • Automating Accounts Payable invoice feed
  • Creating both domestic and international payments through ACH, wire transfer and checks
  • Printing documents and PDF/TIFF images for all payments and invoices
  • Automated Payroll payments
  • Printing Federal tax forms – 1099, 1098c, W2
  • Automating imaging and emailing of Invoices and Acknowledgments to vendors
  • Printing of shareholder and compensation checks utilizing innovative check designs for up to 3 checks on one page to minimize paper cost
  • Automation of writing real-time checks in the US and over two dozen countries with different monetary systems, languages, and banking requirements
  • Printing the monetary amount for international checks in that country’s language – Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Danish, Turkish



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