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In this world of automation, there is a high need of automating the process of emailing data files, documents and other information. ClearCycle VALUPAY MAILER Extension is a bulk emailing tool that allows users to send out thousands of emails automatically in seconds.

The MAILER application is a small “listener” program. When its listener thread is started it constantly watches the PENDING_EMAIL table. When entries arrive, it mails them out one at a time in fraction of a second.

While different applications and systems generates thousands of records each requiring an emails to go out, the MAILER painstakingly does the mundane job of emailing each one. This delegation of the emailing can reduce the overall end-to-end batch processing time considerably.

MAILER depends on special DB Aliases that define how to connect to the database containing the EMAIL tables. The general tool Aliasapp may be used to define aliases for SQL Server, ORACLE or Firebird databases.


DATMAN enable clients to use their own custom-designed input screens to manage custom tables and data. No programming is required.

Data listings and management screens are developed using the Valupay’s Designer tool. Then DATMAN is used to bring up those interactive screens and perform calculations.

Using DATMAN provides a slick way to manage custom data in database tables. In fact, since an entry screen can show other custom screens, entire applications can be built this way.


Valupay/UCDS tools generally run in conjuction with a database (ORACLE, SQL Server, etc.). ALIASAPP is the DB configuration tool used to define each DB connection.

While ALIASAPP is a standard part of the Valupay suite of programs, it is often necessary to use it when configuring standalone tools that require a database connection. Therefore it is an indispensible part of every configuration.

Using ALIASAPP, all the Valupay-related tools can connect to SQL Server, ORACLE, and Firebird databases.

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