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ClearCycle’s ValuPay System (ValuPay™) is a comprehensive payment disbursement system that works in conjunction with any core business systems such as Claims adjudication systems, Broker management systems, Provider management systems, Medicare management systems, Premium Billing systems and any other Payroll or ERP systems. It accepts payment data and all types of claims, capitation and commission records, from all lines of business, across all platforms, business entities, and computing environments. More than a simple payment system, ValuPay controls cash flow and consolidates payments, remittance advices, and EOBs according to user-defined business rules. The system supports compliance with HIPAA and other government regulations including late payment interest and surcharge taxes.


Today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment makes managing disbursements and treasury controls even more difficult. ClearCycle empowers its customers with highly-effective tools that execute demanding payment operations in a secure and cash flow optimizing way.

ClearCycle offers a comprehensive solution for handling every aspect of claims payment output, post output processing and lookup. It universally supports all types of claims processing systems and handles non-claims payment streams. By using the functionality in ClearCycle’s software, some of our clients have achieved the following:


  • ROI Savings – ” Up to 521% Return on Investment”
  • Initial Investment Pay-Back – ” System Pay-Back in less than 6 months”
  • Operational Cost Savings – ” Millions of Dollars Saved Annually”
  • Cost Reductions – ” Reduced Print fullfillment costs by 40%”
  • Operational Efficiencies – ” Consolidated 5 data sources into one work stream”
  • Regulatory Compliance – ” Automatically administers Audit and State and Federal regulations”






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