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ClearCycle Data Mapper is a stand-alone application to transform data from one format to another and can be deployed across multiple platforms. The product is part of the broader UCDS suite, but can be installed stand-alone as per customer requirement.

The Data Mapper consists of three major components –

  • Reader – Reader interacts with the input file or system and reads the input data based on the configuration and file or source type provided.
  • Mapping – This component contains the necessary business rules for mapping and transforming the data in to the desired output or destination format
  • Writer – Writer interacts with the destination system and write the mapped data in to the desired output / destination format.


The Data Mapper system

  • Reads csv or flat files defined by Cobol copybook or fixed width definitions
  • Writes delimited csv, flat, or Hibernate-managed database
  • Highly configurable – uses an XML, xls, or csv file to define the output fields
  • Definition can be constant, 1-to-1 mapping, or complex Java Groovy expression.

The mapping is through editable XML and can utilize lookup to relational database. It uses Java Groovy which is a powerful expression language. 


The Writer is a powerful component that can write to a file system or database system. It uses Java Hibernate as database abstraction layer and supports Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL, and many more. It handles associations, inheritance, etc. very efficiently.


Data Mapper has a very good error handling mechanism. It transforms only complete input record sets without errors. The erroneous / incomplete input record sets are written into a separate file for correction and resubmission.


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