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“For one of the world’s largest logistics company’s ClearCycle delivers with ValuPay”.

In today’s global economy the need for flexibility is paramount and ValuPay offers flexibility across-the-board. UPS being a global logistics company, needed a centralized control but distributed and localized printing for their large business network across the globe. After a thorough analysis of their network, we implemented ValuPay providing automated central processing and detached printing at remote distribution centers with the click of a button. This includes support for over a dozen international monetary denominations such as Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish and Turkish (to name a few).

ValuPay provides a robust set of configuration and management tools for data mapping, job processing, report creation, document design and print fulfillment. This, combined with a small installation footprint allows IT administrators to centralize processing, management and upgrades while user access to the system can be deployed to the desktop as an icon.



“ClearCycle helps keep profit margins fresh with ValuPay and DMS (Disbursement Management System) for national wholesale distributer”.

Change is inevitable and sometimes fast moving with acquisitions of existing companies. With multiple systems and applications, the key challenge at SuperValu was to bring in unified payment process in a multi-system environment. In order to maintain a seamless payables transition, especially between multiple host systems, the ValuPay mapping tools make it easy to accept different data streams or clone existing payment processes.

The DMS module of ValuPay performs cost analysis calculations on each payment and then assigns the best bank account and print location to maximize the items overall disbursement savings. Of course, there is also the flexibility to override assignments at the recipient level. Add the ValuPay Forecasting task to the mix and more accurately predict bank fulfillment tendencies.


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