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ClearCycle’s ValuPay and UCDS products are used by multi-billion dollar insurance organizations. Lines of business include workers compensation, property and casualty, auto, homeowners, and diversified financial services in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

The Universal Claims Disbursement System (UCDS) provides the backbone for the company’s enterprise-wide payment system. It was selected for its ability to consistently and efficiently control output of payments and related financial information across multiple lines of business.


UCDS payment capabilities include:


  • Intelligent forms design that improves presentation of payment and financial remittance information, improving communications and minimizing customer payment inquiries.
  • Claims combining for payments across multiple lines of business to common recipients reduce payment costs by minimizing transaction volumes.
  • Implements payment rules to ensure governmental and contractual compliance.
  • Each business unit can easily apply its own “payment parameters” (payment rules) by line of business, provider type, or legal jurisdiction.
  • Post adjudication editing capabilities (claims adjustments before and after payment) together with transaction lookup and reversal processing capabilities, and daily balancing, all improve pre-payment control.
  • A single “enterprise” output facility replacing the need for each separate processing system to maintain its own check writer, dramatically reducing support and management costs (MIS and Treasury).
  • Increases pre-print controls that expand the capacity of printing and mailroom handling equipment.
  • Extensive management reporting, history tracking, and claims release controls that give treasury and customer service effective tools to maintain best payment and customer service practices.


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