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WebUCDS™ is a stand-alone web-based (Java) product that interfaces with UCDS (Universal Claims Disbursement System), ClearCycle’s comprehensive claims payment system. WebUCDS is used to manage announcements, users, roles, themes, and security for both WebUCDS and the UCDS application.

  • Web pages can be easily “rebranded” with logo and color scheme.
  • Configurable requirements for Username and Password.
  • Self-registration for Member and Providers and automated self-help for forgotten Username or Password.
  • Virtually all displayed data can be downloaded to CSV (spreadsheet) files.
  • One-way encryption of Passwords.
  • Audit log of all role-based security updates.

Application Portals

The Administrator portal is required, but functionality is split among three optional application portals, all served with a single Sign In page that redirects the user to the appropriate application portal:

  • Administrator – contains the administrative functions of managing announcements, users, roles, themes, and security.
  • Payer – employees of the payer institution, generally an insurance company, can search the WebUCDS database for (paid) claims, ARs, CRs, and payments.
  • Provider – inquiry-only application for use by Providers who contract with the insurance company. Providers can self-register for the site; search the WebUCDS database; display and download (paid) claims, ARs, CRs, and checks; and reprint settlement documents.
  • Member – inquiry-only application for use by subscribers to the insurance company plan. Members can self-register for the site; search the WebUCDS database; display and download (paid) claims; and print EOB documents.

Benefits for Existing UCDS Customers

  • WebUCDS enhances the usability of your existing UCDS application:
  • Enables implementation of role-based security in UCDS with minimal disruption.
  • Reduces calls to Customer Service by allowing Members and Providers to access own payment data and reprint documents.
  • Installing WebUCDS is NOT a large scale project!

WebUCDS Features and Functions Technical Considerations

There are two major elements of the WebUCDS application:

  • Database – WebUCDS database can be implemented with any of the following databases: Oracle, SQLServer, or mySQL.
  • Web server – WebUCDS runs on any server that can run Tomcat; for example, Windows or Linux are possible platforms.