We are the leader in financial and disbursement management software for healthcare insurers

Only ClearCycle provides an integrated set of comprehensive solutions that give you visibility and control across the entire healthcare enterprise.

Our payment systems reduce payment costs, optimize cash flow and increase management control.  We help quantify the ROI and define the business requirement, provide comprehensive implementation services, and cost-effective software.

ClearCycle is the healthcare industry leader in complex payments solutions. We have served the healthcare industry, as well as other Fortune 500 industries, for over 25 years.  We specialize in tailored financial, claims, compliance and information management solutions provided as software, consulting, analytics and decision support services. Our robust portfolio of healthcare transaction lifecycle solutions channels $70 billion a year and handles 10 percent of all medical reimbursements from the private insurance community in the United States. ClearCycle clients experience a rapid and ongoing return of their investment in months, not years.

ClearCycle’s integrated set of comprehensive solutions provides visibility and control across the entire
healthcare enterprise. We offer:

ClearCycle Financial Management Solutions
Maintain clear financial integrity and transparency to enable dramatic operational
improvement and provide valuable information and automated tools to improve tracking
and management of receivables, overpayment recovery, cash management and
operational efficiency.

ClearCycle Claims Management Solutions
Provide the clarity and control that enables you to pay the right amount at the right time. ClearCycle’s solutions and services are based on 25 years of experience and expertise in healthcare claims management. Claims transactions and supporting information are captured from all sources, enhanced and stored until the appropriate payment date and then combined to create consolidated payments in electronic and paper formats.

ClearCycle Information Management Solutions
Make measurable improvements in operating performance, refine business processes
and develop key metrics and statistical models to help make informed, proactive
strategic decisions at all levels of the enterprise. Robust information is used to enhance
patient and provider relationships and lower costs.

ClearCycle Compliance Management Solutions
Provide the flexibility and improved tools to efficiently manage industry challenges such
as audit, legislative or legal compliance.

We at ClearCycle believe there is an enormous opportunity for radical improvement in the healthcare
payments field and are taking the leadership role in driving innovation and transformation.

Now, more than ever, it pays to have the right business partner.

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